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Finance Management Officer


The Finance Management Officer is responsible for the forecasting, funding, budget, loans and cash management. This includes cash position analysis and preparation of cash flow reports.


General Accounting Officer


The main purpose of this position is to provide general accounting and financial reporting support, account analysis and reconciliations to ensure financial and management reports are accurately stated and presented in timely manner.


HR Employee Engagement Officer


The HR – Employee Engagement Officer is the one responsible in planning and organizing employee engagement activities. He/She will also handle employee relations and assist in drafting and implementing company policies.


Quantity Survey Officer


The Quantity Survey Officer is responsible for project costing and cost evaluation of land development engineering works, amenities and house construction of various property development projects.


Construction Procurement Officer


The Procurement Officer is expected to maximize JNG potential through vendor evaluation, contract/price negotiations and report generation.


Construction Logistics Officer


The Construction Logistics Officer shall be in charge of setting up & maintaining construction facilities such as warehouses, stockyards and dormitories or barracks for the employees and workers.


Tax Compliance Officer


The Tax Compliance Officer shall be responsible for tax reporting and ensuring the company’s compliance with regulatory standards.


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