What We Stand For


The Joy~Nostalg CHRISTUDE Values are the core principles and standards upon which Joy~Nostalg was founded and shall be guided by in engaging its Mission and realizing its Vision. Joy~Nostalg is called to be fully alive in aspiration and highly mindful in inspiration to live its CHRISTUDE Values as its Identity and its Culture. Moreover, the Joy~Nostalg CHRISTUDE Values are to be shared to all families and communities to sparkle by.

COMMITMENT is our choice to be purposefully passionate and pious in pursuing the plenary performance of our pledges; painlessly.

HAPPINESS is our choice to be gratefully happy and humbled as the cause and causing for joy hope and love in all of life and its goodness; always.

RESPONSIBILITY is our choice to be willfully ready and reliable in leading ourselves in all endeavors and challenges to accountable success; diligently.

INTEGRITY is our choice to be honorably courageous and consistent in conducting ourselves in wholeness, honesty and fairness; truthfully.

SIMPLICITY is our choice to be sagely centered in charting correct clarity amidst complexities for ease, efficiency and efficacy of our solutions; freely.

TENACITY is our choice to be firmly resolute with perseverance and precision to have and hold our aspirations to achievements; constantly.

UNITY is our choice to be ubiquitously one in soul mind and body, together as family, for others as community, aligned in diversity; unanimously.

DYNAMISM is our choice to be creatively successful to achieve greatness, empowered with enterprising force and entrepreneurial spirit; respectfully.

EXCELLENCE is our choice to be wonderfully great to excel and fulfill our mission by artful design beyond impossibilities and indifference, with grace and glory for God; truly.

CHRISTUDE is our authentic choice to be spiritually Christ-like in our opportune way of life for servitude and stewardship, with compassion in thinking with our hearts and feeling with our minds, for our love and light to radiate together for others, celebrating and bearing witness to the Love of Christ, and to genuinely answer His Call and Will to love; joyfully.


On 2019, Jacinto C. Ng, Jr. has finally and completely defined officially the 10 Joy~Nostalg CHRISTUDE Values; values that were learned from the articulation [Responsibility, Integrity, Simplicity] and inspiration [Commitment, Tenacity, Unity, Dynamism, Excellence] of our Chairman, Jacinto Ng, Sr. together with Anita Ng, and were the guiding light of Jacinto C. Ng, Jr. [Happiness and Christude]. 



                1. Pagmamahal sa Pamilya

                2. Kasipagan

                3. Pagtitiyaga

                4. Passion (silakbo ng damdamin)

                5. Tibay ng loob

                6. Katapangan

                7. Disiplina

                8. Pakikipagkapwa-tao

                9. Pangako

               10. Kabayanihan

               11. Pagpupunyagi

               12. Pananalig sa Diyos



Joy~Nostalg; is the manifestation of our identity, culture and our brand promise-commitment emanating from our CHRISTUDE Values; to always be a source of happiness in all moments of our endeavors and enterprises (throughout our value-chain) for all whom we affect (all stakeholders), and to do so to the standard that all who experience us will enjoy our compelling relevance worth their memories for continuing cycle of hope for more happiness. Hence, our name- the joy that we share that will be nostalgic for more; Joy~Nostalg. 

Creates; is to reflect our tenacity and deliberate intention and commitment to be dynamic in our manner, design and results of our creative and innovative products and services solutions; ensuring that indeed our endeavors and enterprises will be relevant and compelling, eclectically unique and special and above all, an excellent source of happiness and hope for all whom we affect, from all that we do, by all that we are.

Caters; (And Caters) is to greatly emphasize our willful happiness and integrity of genuinely wanting to be a source happiness and hope to all whom we affect by staking ourselves in sharing and serving our products and services solutions with grateful passion and affection (and not just to be a compliant provider of products and services solutions but one that is lively and vigorous in our servitude). To cater is to ensure that we nurture a symbiotic culture of continuing excellent relationships to all whom we affect, with unity within us, from us, for all others.

Moments; signifies the constant responsibility we take upon ourselves to create and cater happiness at all times and in all opportunities to manifest our identity; and even to the extent that we create unique and special moments above and beyond the usual encounters to all whom we affect.

Happiness; (Of Happiness) is the near-term goal quality of endeavors and enterprises, whereby all whom we affect will experience satisfaction, delight and happiness from the manner, design and results of our products and service solutions. Happiness, further reflects our shared spirit and culture, driven ultimately by our CHRISTUDE Values, in our collective context of character and competence.

For; is to emphasize the deep sense of purpose and commitment, yet naturally and simply, to constantly achieve a higher standard of excellence that is truly relevant and compelling to all whom we affect in all that we do.

Memories; is the ultimate desirable long-term  quality  results of our happiness intent and purpose in the Moments that we create and cater; in that the Moments are excellently good that it is memorable, that it is worthy of being converted and committed to Memories to be treasured by all whom we affect.

Hope; (Of Hope), is the permanent future-term quality results of the Memories we consequently create and cater throughout the Moments of Happiness; in which all whom we affect will ultimately have a yearning for more of our excellently good products and service solutions, of being hopeful for our shared future, and perhaps more Moments of a better future of Happiness, as we are symbiotically encouraged by humble gratitude and our CHRISTUDE Values to indeed be better in our endeavors and enterprises for all whom we affect.

Others; (For Others), is the ultimate expression of our very CHRISTUDE Value in emulating the attitude of Christ of being relevant and compelling for beyond ourselves and our own benefit, but more so importantly, for the sincere benefit For Others, for all whom we affect-  from our own families to the families of our partners, families of our customers and to our larger community and eventually for our country. We exist in our CHRISTUDE culture with the purpose to shine our character and share our competence to radiate compassionately for the benefit for all Others. Thus in all our collective aspects- spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social aspects, we are to be wholly Joy~Nostalg, to exist and live to the fullest of Values, Mission and Vision.



Joy~Nostalg; is the manifestation of our identity, culture and our brand promise-commitment emanating from both our CHRISTUDE Values and our Mission of Happiness and Hope for Others in all that we do in service and in results.

Homes; are for all, houses for families (of aesthetic values in forms and functionalities of plan, exteriors and interiors) and yet, townships for communities (total planning and development encompassing residential, commercial, industrial, institutional [school, church, hospital], and recreational [parks, sports] life, utilities and landscape aspects), and relevant to all Filipino socio-economic markets nationwide.

Additionally Homes; is with utmost focus for "others" whose families are homeless (housing), far away (dormitory) and underprivileged (rentals); but also, for those whose families are aspiring and growing themselves and our country nation at the same time (designer homes, lifestyle homes- shophouse, heritage-house, lifestage homes).

For; is the clarity and honesty of purpose with the fullness to fulfill our Vision, and to be clear, in the context of property development from the physical lifestyle environment to its identity and culture, and including the parallel digital realm of experiences.

Happiness; is the near-term goal quality of our Homes, whereby families and communities with our servitude and specialties, will experience the dignity, honor, wholeness, reward and celebration of joy and jubilence in every moment we curate that will be worthy of their memories (home investment, property management, promoting relationship management, digital service and commerce).